Portfolio – Browns



Marketing Strategy

As part of my MA in Fashion Marketing & Communications at University for the Creative Arts, I had the task to create a business report and come up with a Marketing strategy to celebrate 50 years of Browns.

This business report will show how Brown can get its special retail status back, by targeting the right audience and offering a unique blend of products and culture to fulfill various needs and make shopping an experience for all senses.

The campaign was titled „Discovery of a Jewel„, as a direct play on a conversation between Miss B and Jose Neves after acquiring Browns. The opening of the new store in Mayfair is the perfect chance to start with a blank canvas and redefining the brand identity while making use of the rich history of Browns. The new store location has to stand out and constantly fuel the consumers‘ need for discovery.

Creating a unique mix of social spaces, retail, and art with a focus on the combination of old and new, Gen Z & Gen X, tradition, and technology will make Browns the go-to destination in London.
With the use of the Farfetch technology, a changing exhibition, and new resident artists, the Browns store concept can constantly change and adapt making it will be future-proofed and attractive to loyal customers to fulfill their discovery need.

Marketing & Retail Strategy