Portfolio – Pringles


Social Content Creation – my work is featured on Pringles Instagram & Facebook.


As the freelance Social Newsroom Editor at We Are Social my tasks included research on pop culture/trending topics on social and ideatoon of daily reactive content for the social channels for Pringles, Kellogg’s, and Krave.


After finding a TikTok of a big German Twitch-Influencer talking about her favourite way to eat her Pringles (licking off the seasoning first), I had the idea to ask the community what type of eater they are and created the copy and a creative brief for the graphic designer. We then also translated it for UK and France, and used the assets in a IG stories and as feed posts.

The carousel post was a huge success with the client and the community, it generated over 11k likes while the average Instagram post on the German profile gets between 800-1k likes.

Viral social media post inspired by community insights.

Links on Instagram: German Post | UK Post

Social Media posts inspired by trending TV Shows and conversations around them: Love island Germany, Germany’s Next Topmodel

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